Latest Fire Protection Projects

Below is a selection of recent fire protection works undertaken in Perth by Firescope Fire Services. Projects included site inspections, installation, certification, technical support, maintenance and project management.

Structural steel fire protection
Holy Cross College, Ellenbrook

Application of fire board encasement to structural steel elements.

Fire barrier
Dixon, Canning Vale

Installation of 35m x 12m fire barrier partition wall and sliding fire doors.

Fire wraps
Perth Children's Hospital, Nedlands

Firefly Titan hangs to voids above windows and gaps between slab levels.

Fire services award
Contractor of the month

Firescope wins contractor of the month at the New Children's Hospital.

Vermiculite fire protection spray
New Supreme Court, Perth

Vermiculite fire spray application to mechanical ducting systems.

Fire protection coating
Heirloom Apartments, Fremantle

Application of Intumescent paint and paint protective coating to structural steel.

Fire stopping electrical
New Perth Stadium, Burswood

Fire stopping and acoustic sealing to all electrical penetrations.

Fire windows
Mount St Apartments, King's Park

Installation of fire window systems.

Fire curtain
Residential Units, Fremantle

Application of Fire Batts to voids above fire wall as well as Firefly timber wraps to timber structures running through the Fire Batt barrier.

Steel fire protection
Office units, Osborne Park

Application of Vermiculite fire spray to structural steel.

Ducting fire spray
KS3, Wellington Street

Application of Vermiculite Fire Spray to mechanical ducting.


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