Fire Windows, Security, Hurricane & Bulletproof Windows

Fire windows installation

We offer multiple window protection systems from security, bulletproof, hurricane and fire protection to name a few. We also deal with standard window systems for shop fronts etc where your requirement is purely for a steel frame system. We also have fire rated timber frame systems to offer. This is a large part of our market and have many years experience with multiple projects across Perth and as far as Port Hedland.

Firescope not only deals in fire windows, we also supply and install ballistic windows tested and certified to Australian Standards G2 rating, incorporating TPS U-Series (unico) thermally broken steel framing system with 28mm (nominal) G2 rated bullet resistant glass. This frame is available in both standard and slimline varieties, providing architectural designed detail with certified protection. The integrated thermal break allows for these windows to be installed in an external application while providing a high level of energy performance for both heat reduction and loss where required.

Fire Windows

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