Structural Steel Fire Protection

Structural steel fire protection services Structural steel fire protection testing

For fire protection of your structural steel we cover all aspects of steel and fire application. If you choose to go for the standard application of fire sprays, Cafco 300, Fendolite or Mandolite we have qualified spray teams ready to do the job for you. Should you choose to go with the now becoming more popular and more aesthetic option of the fire retardant paint, we specialise in the Nullifire paints. Again, a fully qualified and certified team able to cover all you fire requirements. We also cover all your cable coating requirements.

Please take a look at our latest SC900 series paint where you only require a one coat application to raw steel so no more primers required. It is also a fully weatherproof paint for internal and external application and can be applied on and off site. Curing time of two hours and transport ready in eight hours.


Rescom MgO Board

This is the new fire board in the ever growing market of which Firescope are now licenced and recognised installers. This product allows for a thinner application system thus allowing for a more cost viable option to the opposing board systems. The board can be applied for walls, ceilings and structural steel fire protection systems and is suitable for internal as well as external applications.


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