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Firescope Fire Services was founded in 2008 by Steven Randall who had been working in sales and account management of various passive fire companies in Sydney.

Steven has numerous years of experience in the industry from installing and supervising to sales and account management.

Firescope started small with Steven being a one man operation doing smaller fire installation works. Firescope operated successfully like this for a little under two years.

Looking for a different lifestyle in Perth as well as better contract opportunities, Firescope was moved out West in early 2010.

Having no history or contacts in Perth, Firescope had to start from the bottom again and it took another two years to start making a break in the industry.

The rest as they say is history. Firescope has developed into a fully functional and professional company which now employs 12 staff and still growing.

Firescope has cemented a solid and reputable name in the fire industry and now covers all aspects of Passive Fire as well as some aspects of the Active Fire services.

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